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Shirt made of handspun organic cotton, the stripes were hand painted dyed in the Mud Dye process.

- The cotton is hand spun in India and woven on a hand loom.

- The Pinkwood color is made from Sappan wood.

- Natural indigo is dyed in a 100% fructose based fermentation.

- Mud Resist is a hand dyeing technique using mud and natural rubber.


- 100% Organic Cotton


It is advisable to wash this garment separately and do not expose to direct sunlight as this may cause color changes.

- Do not bleach

- Iron or steam with warm heat

- Hand wash separately


For naturally dyed garments, color fading is normal in the first few washes, after which the colors stabilize. The fading and bleeding of natural dyes will result in graceful fading over time.