The jewelry label Roussey is arguably the epitome of overstatement.

Designer Yann Tosser-Roussey creates colorful 3D-printed necklaces, earrings and rings that on the one hand cite the aesthetics of the early 2000s, yet remain surprisingly punk. 

The shapes range from rough link chains to creoles reminiscent of tentacles to oversized hearts. But the jewelry stands out for more than just its shape, size and color - crystal-cut stones give the plastic pieces a particularly opulent flair.

Speaking of plastic - as with clothing, we place just as much importance on a sustainable production style when selecting jewelry labels: Roussey manufactures in Paris from Biokunsststoff (PLA)* and thus also meets these criteria.

*Polylactide (PLA) is a polyester based on renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or corn. The material, which is made up of lactic acid molecules, is a biodegradable plastic.