Small patchwork shawl

We started with the 'zero waste' approach long before the trend emerged. From the beginning we have felt obliged to avoid waste with a conscious approach and high craftsmanship.

Every piece of knitting waste from the studio is collected and processed into patchwork pieces. Thus, absolute unique pieces are created in elaborate handwork that become signature pieces.

- Note:

- Handmade in Austria



- 100% italian Merinowool

Merino wool is a particularly high-quality form of wool. It is obtained from merino sheep and is characterized by its particular fineness and softness.

Positive features:

  • Merino wool has excellent thermal regulation. It regulates the skin breathing and oxygen exchange as if by itself
  • The natural structure of the wool fiber creates air spaces - the air can circulate and the skin can breathe, stimulating the metabolism. The moisture is very well transported away from the body.
  • Merino wool can absorb moisture in about 1/3 of its own weight without feeling damp; for example, moisture is transported to the outside 7 times faster than cotton.
  • Due to the animal protein fibers, germs and bacteria do not find a breeding ground and can not multiply.


  • not scratchy on the skin
  • insulates well against cold and also heat
  • transports moisture
  • can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in moisture
  • cools by evaporative cooling at warm temperatures
  • warms even when dampt
  • does not absorb odors, therefore needs to be washed less often
  • Retains the fit
  • flame resistant
  • has a natural sun protection factor of up to 50
  • does not charge electrostatically
  • Biologically degradable

Care instructions:

- Wool wash cycle (hand wash program) at 30 °C
- Do not bleach
- Do not use fabric softener
- Do not tumble dry

Since merino wool prevents the adhesion of bacteria responsible for bad odors, merino clothing does not absorb odors as easily as clothing made of synthetic material. Therefore, in comparison, merino clothing does not need to be washed so often, usually airing is enough.

Care and washing merino wool

  • Air garment
  • Use wool detergent
  • Wash in the wool program of the washing machine
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Pull into shape when wet.
  • Iron at low temperature
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry